About Lifestyle Newborn Sessions

My focus is to capture the relationship between the new baby and the lucky family!

What do you mean by Lifestyle Newborn?

You’re probably wondering, what is this ‘Lifestyle Newborn’ thing and how that differs from the traditional Newborn Photos Sessions. As the name already tell, the whole idea is to capture and record the family lifestyle, the day-to-day, with the new baby in their home, so less posed photos, and more interaction with the family and other important people.

My process will consist of some detailed pictures with just the baby, where I will aim to capture their cute little feets, hands, mouth and smiles! Later others photos with mom, daddy, siblings and in case you have pets (I LOVE WHEN THERE ARE PETS) some special photos recording all the interaction with the pets and the whole family!

When should I start thinking about it?

When should I schedule my newborn photo session?

I normally suggest to my customers to schedule the newborn session when the family is good and accustomed to the new baby(s) living in their home. Everyone has their time, so no rush. The last thing I want to do is to create an issue for you and your family in this special phase. Don’t forget I have a very flexible agenda, so we can always find a way to fit you.

How long are these sessions?

The sessions takes around 2 to 2:30 hours, however, everything depends on the baby. It is very important to always keep the baby comfortable and do not disrupt the family daily routine.

Getting ready for it!

What should I do before my photo session?

Your house will be my studio, so it is important to get the basic ready before we start shooting. If you leave the bedroom or kitchen messy, your photos will probably look a little messy. Of course, I will do my best to help you clean and settle every before we star, but always think about how would like to remember your ambiance in the photos, because these photos will record a very special moment in yours and your baby’s life.

Regarding props and other special items. I encourage you to get ready with your baby’s toys, clothes, and blankets, everything you judge special for your baby will become special in the photos.

I am always up for good ideas, so speak out, do not fear! If you have something in mind tell me more about it, we will incorporate it in the photos.

And a little more about my work

Regions I service

Most of my works are done in Miami Dade, Miami, Florida, however, depending on your situation and needs I am willing to commute to a different region. Send me a message and let’s see how to make it work.

About Me

I am a Brazilian Photographer very committed to my work that also provides Corporate Headshots, do Family, Maternity, Newborns and others lifestyles photos. You can check more of my portfolio on this website.

What is the Investment?

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What is the investment?

  • Lifestyle Newborn
  • $4002hrs
  • 10 Fully Retouched Hi-Resolution Photos with Print Release
  • 10 prints 5x7 size
  • 50 Hi-Resolution Photos in a USB Drive
  • Online proofing and print ordering
  • All images include color correction and touch-ups
  • Contact Me
  • Maternity Combo
  • $1500
  • 1x Maternity Photo Session
  • 1x Newborn LifeStyle
  • 1x 6 months Session
  • 1x 12 months Smash the Cake Session
  • Where Every Photo Session to include:
  • 10 Fully Retouched Hi-Resolution Photos with Print Release
  • All Hi-Resolution Photos in a USB Drive
  • Online proofing and print ordering
  • All images include color correction and touch-ups
  • At end of sessions, you will receive an 8x8 Book with your favorite pictures!*
  • *20 pages or you can upgrade for more pages
  • Contact Me

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